The thought of the Tlustá Čára challenge came from the period of the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic in the Czech Republic. We realized that many a person was hit by the pandemic and especially people suffering through personal trouble and loneliness are prone to developing psychological problems when their plans and goals fall through one after the other.

We reacted by creating an artistic challenge, or summons as it were, for anybody willing to participate and deal with it together!

The plan was simple, as soon as the group (about 30 people) got together, we agreed on a theme and everyone started working on it in their homes with a technique they think best.

The envisioned goal for the activity is an exhibition in the halls of Prague's Invalidovna, where we'll show the world that even in time of movement restrictions there is a possibility for interesting and fulfilling events and establishing new contacts. We've got a great group of people together, who didn't know each other before. We communicated for several months, supported each other in work and in life and can honestly say we've made new friends.

We will continue in this concept and plan on making recurring yearly challenges for anyone interested, new or old acquaintance.

Watch our website or social networks, so you won't miss our next challenge.