We're helping

We are not indifferent to life around us, which is why we help where it is needed!

There are thousands of risk groups who may not be able to cope with their situation in the event of an unexpected event and remain homeless.

25,000 people live on the streets. Of which 2 thousand children. 800,000 people live in execution. 190,000 seniors must make do with a pension of less than CZK 10,000. 40,000 children have parents in prison and suffer mentally. We dare say that there is no one who has never met someone who has been addicted to alcohol, drugs or gambling.

We have all met in our lives someone who has been abused, bullied, sexually abused, humiliated, underestimated. Who lives in poverty, in undignified conditions or on the street.

We either experience this story ourselves or our loved ones experience it.

Everyone can contribute a bit of activity, covering an area that is close to us and where we feel strong.

We, as the Tlustá čára group, are dedicated to creativity. We want to pick up the talent of people who have not been given the opportunity to apply and create in their lives.


If you want to join us, if you have the desire and motivation to change something, to draw a thick line behind it, do not be afraid to write to us, either by e-mail, which you will find in CONTACTS, or you can find us on social networks.