Pecha Kucha

This project was invented by architects Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham from the Tokyo architectural studio Klein-Dytham Architecture. His realization called Pecha Kucha Night (which is a Japanese-English name that means "night of talking" or "night of tlach") is a unique opportunity to meet architects, designers, graphic artists, visual artists, theorists and technicians. There is a mutual exchange of experience and information not only about news in the field. The first meeting of Pecha Kucha Night took place in February 2003 in Tokyo.

In the Czech Republic, the first event of its kind took place in Prague in 2007.

The purpose of the Pecha Kucha project is to make the presentations as dense as possible so that they can keep the attention of the listeners. During one evening, each of the speakers has 6 minutes and 40 seconds, during which he can present 20 pictures, each of which can comment for 20 seconds. Usually, 14 participants take turns in one evening. The usual frequency of these meetings is once a month.

Proof of the project's success is the fact that Pecha Kucha Night meetings are held regularly in more than 230 cities on all continents.


And we are very happy that we were able to perform at this event!