The art group Tlustá čára in cooperation with Pragovka Art District cordially invites you to the opening of the exhibition STAV inspired by the issues of the prison system.

Vernisáž se uskutečnila v pátek 25. 6. v 19:00 v prostoru HUB, Pragovka, Kolbenova 923, Praha 9.

Výstava byla pro veřejnost přístupná 25. – 26. 6. 2021.

The aim of the art group Tlustá čára is to point out the topics that are neglected in society and at the same time to integrate people from the social sphere into their work - people with addictions, homeless people, people from shelters, ex-prisoners, victims of crimes, etc. People who are often excluded by society and denied the opportunity to create or express themselves, even though they are the same as all of us. The only difference is that life has brought them to their knees and they are unable to get back on their own. Tlustá čára provides such people with a background, a community and the motivation to make a difference.

The theme of imprisonment runs through all the individual works that are part of the exhibition installation. Each artist has worked with the theme and their own experience or the experience of a loved one. The variety of materials and techniques shows the breadth of the subject and the uniqueness of each experience. The exhibition includes concrete objects, an audiovisual site-specific installation, photographs capturing the atmosphere of everyday life behind bars, and large-scale digital graphics that draw you into the theme. The artists represented in the joint exhibition are Ivana Kočíková, Nina Kirk and Jan Jirkovský. The curator of the exhibition is Radka Zahradníková.

Why did we choose the theme of prison in our pilot project?

Because even though there are many of us who have met people, who have been incarcerated, this topic is still somewhat of a taboo in the society at large. We are usually ashamed to talk about those experiences and don't want anybody to know that there are people who were imprisoned in our families. We're afraid of the reactions we might get to those revelations.

The secondary victims are:

  • children with incarcerated parents. There are 40 thousand of them in the Czech Republic alone, with psychological and social problems
  • the families of the imprisoned, left to remorse and pondering on where they made the mistake; The family itself tarred and feathered along with the perpetrator
  • the family of the victim, holding their perceived failure to protect their loved ones over their own heads

However, there are other topics related to the prison system. We can mention, for example, the high rate of recidivism in relation to the current system. Also the topic of addictions (alcohol, drugs, gambling), financial literacy, and many others.

During the preparation of the project, we visited a number of experts and state institutions, with whom we consulted and verified the facts.

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