Almost everyone has met some form of restriction of freedom in 2020, which made our decision a lot easier when choosing a theme for our exhibition in Invalidovna.

Aspects of freedom, self-expression and a reaction to something that has hit closer to home than anything before for almost everyone. In June of 2020, nobody knew what's really in store for the upcoming months. Aside from the lack of our own freedom we also thought about its impairment met by people not only in conjunction with COVID-19.

Notfreedom is closely related to many social topics, for example, the secondary victims of criminal activity, who are the first topic of our educative campaign. There are 40 thousand children in the Czech Republic, who can't meet or see their parents for reasons of incarceration.

Many of them suffer from psychological and social problems. The absence of parents in guiding the children's development has a large impact on their life. Their absence marks, scars and shapes their present and future relationships for the rest of their life.

We wanted to take a look at the role of secondary victims and point out that ignoring it won't help in solving it, au contraire.